Hollywood Flees Hollywood

Hollywood has been slowly dying since the late 1990’s and it blames runaway production, a term Hollywood invented to deflect from its own curse. Currently, a total of 39 states have production incentives, or pending legislation to add, repeal, or modify production incentives. Louisiana is at the top of the list with Georgia. California and New York are desperately trying to thwart any effort for productions to ‘runaway’ (a term Hollywood invented and caused) to sunnier production climates.
“The term ‘runaway production’ has been a bug-a-boo for this industry for years and years and years.” –Hollywood producer David Lancaster

Half Truth

In this exposé, even the left wing director Jan Moller of the Louisiana Budget Project, posing as a ‘budget watchdog’ of Louisiana, is stunned by CBS’s Lew Cowan when asked, “So is there any economic benefit to this, in your view?” Moller stumbles for an answer. A half-truth. Moller goes on, “Nobody is saying it has to make money for state government.” Which is the exact argument he has been touting for years. He just wasn’t going to admit it on-camera. He has readily admitted his goal is to end film and television investor tax credits.

The Real Truth

Executive Director of Louisiana Entertainment Chris Stelly which heads-up the state’s film office states, “When you see what this industry and what this incentive have brought here, it’s [the investor tax credits are] absolutely worth it.” “I mean, this is a job-creating machine,” said David Goldsmith, a video assist crew talent. “And we manufacture something. And that’s what California needs.” Just swap the word ‘California’ with ‘Louisiana’ and you will see how this state can become a manufacturer of entertainment. Submitted for your consideration, Stanley B. Gill Founder & Editor-in-Chief #HollywoodSouth #KeepUsRolling Source: Hollywood goes on the road